BBB: Qualification Questions
Before filing a complaint with BBB you should contact the business at least once to give them an opportunity to resolve the issue. However, you are not required to contact the business first. If the issue cannot be resolved directly with the business, then you may file a complaint with the BBB
Is this an employee/employer complaint?
Is this a discrimination complaint?
Is this complaint currently in, or has it already gone through, the court process, or was it previously resolved through mediation or arbitration?
Is this a complaint against a private individual?
Is this a complaint against a government agency, including the post office?
Is this a complaint about an attorney or doctor’s professional competency?
Is this a complaint about the collection of money for the service/product you provided?
Is this a security deposit dispute with your landlord?
Is this a complaint based solely on the dissatisfaction with the price of a product or service?

To File a Complaint against a different business, click here.