BBB: Qualification Questions
Before filing a complaint with BBB you should contact the business at least once to give them an opportunity to resolve the issue. However, you are not required to contact the business first. If the issue cannot be resolved directly with the business, then you may file a complaint with the BBB Click to view the Complaint Process.
Is this complaint based on purchase made more than 365 days ago?
Is this complaint seeking an apology from the business?
Is this a landlord/tenant complaint?
Is this an employee/business complaint?
Is this a discrimination complaint?
Is this a civil rights complaint?
Is the business you have a complaint with in Chapter 7 bankruptcy?
Does your complaint allege a criminal act?
Is this a business with a complaint for collections purposes with another business?
Is this complaint in litigation?
Is this complaint based solely on dissatisfaction with a price?
Is this complaint about a purchase you wish you never made?

To File a Complaint against a different business, click here.

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